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Acrylic grout admixture

POLY GROUT is an acrylic latex admixture formulated for use in place of water when grouting ceramic tile. POLY GROUT makes joints less susceptible to water penetration (especially important when grouting wet areas). It also increases grout flexibility. It is required for any exterior grout application subjected to freeze/thaw conditions.  


  • Ceramic, Vitrified tile
  • Marble, Granite
  • To fill the tile joints with grout so as to create strong long lasting tile joints
  • In exterior application to resist freezing and thawing action  

  • Highly water resistant  
  • Increases grout flexibility  
  • Required for exterior grout applications subjected to freeze/thaw conditions
  • Easy to clean
  • High performance grout
  • Designed for grouting wall & floor tiles, marbles, & stones etc.
  • Natural antibacterial  

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